Plaka & Monastiraki
Plaka & Monastiraki
Plaka & Monastiraki
Plaka & Monastiraki
Plaka & Monastiraki
Plaka & Monastiraki

Plaka and Monastiraki are located in the heart of the city and will take you on a journey back in time through engaging contemporary means.

These are the most touristic neighborhoods in Athens and are well worth visiting, since they fascinate every visitor with their atmospheric ambience and traditional Greek style.

Your walk in Monastiraki should begin from the metro station and the central Avissinias Square. The place reminds you of a big feast with a huge flea market, impressive monuments and reflections of the glorious past. Some of the monuments include Hadrian's library, the Tower of Winds, the Roman Market and the Gate of Athena Archegetis. The trademark of the area is its open-air market. Here the flocking crowds enjoy an unique shopping experience, negotiating prices of antiques, shoes, boots, jewellery, beads and anything else you can imagine.

Plaka is probably the most beautiful and most picturesque neighbourhood in the city. It is between the area of Psiri, Syntagma Square and Monastiraki Square and it comprises of mostly pedestrian only streets. The small labyrinthine narrow streets full of gift shops with souvenirs, cafes, taverns etc. hide a small surprise for the visitor around every corner. Adrianou and Kydathinaion are the main streets and will act as your journey's compass.

The most mysterious and fascinating area of Plaka is the famous Anafiotika. Its small white-washed houses reminiscent of a Cycladic island, yards full of flowers and narrow streets are some of the most photographed corners of the country. And they deserve it!



Monastiraki Stop
Monastiraki (Blue Line)
Preferably use the exit in the Square to be in between the two neighborhoods.