Mavili Square

East of Lycabettus and west of Ambelokipi, Mavili Square in the center of Athens is one of the liveliest squares in the city. Renowned for its unaffected and unpretentious hangouts for coffee and drinks, it has established itself over the years as a favourite choice and reference point for day and night life in the city.

Its history began in the 1930s and went by the name ''Stegi Patridos'' (Homeland House in Greek) owing to its proximity to the refugee houses. It took its current name in 1938 and is attributed to the poet, Lorenzo Mavilis, whose bust is in the square. It is very close to Megaro Mousikis (Concert Hall) and the US Embassy.

In the 1980s and 1990s the square was at the height of its glory. Today its social scene is made up of lawyers and doctors as well as artists, alternative types and couples. Legendary bars, such as Loras and Briki exist harmoniously with the after hour hangouts like MG as well as new arrivals such as Kirios.

Naturally, the landmark in the square is none other than the famous "vromiko" (meaning greasy in Greek) canteen. This canteen began in 1989 and makes a regular daily rendezvous with the city's night owls to reduce their hangovers with a sandwich -or perhaps something else.

Megaro Moussikis (Blue Line)