Omonia Square
Omonia Square

Omonia Square in one of the most central spots in Athens, is one of the oldest squares in the city. It was built to the designs and plans of the architects Kleanthis and Edward Schaubert and some of the busiest streets in the center of Athens (Stadiou, Panepistimiou, Pireos, 3rd Septemvriou, Athinas) lead off from here.

Its construction is attributed to King Otto, after the first town planning project in Athens in 1846. Its original name was Palace Square (as it was intended for the construction of the Palace) and was subsequently renamed Otto Square, before taking its current name in 1862.

Until the 1930s (during which time the square was made round) the square was the main center of Athens, while the excavation work to construct an underground railway line from Athens to Piraeus transformed it into a commercial center in the city.

Its biggest reconfiguration was in 1960, though the last changes (admittedly not the best) were made just before the 2004 Olympic Games. Although it is surrounded by large hotels, there are some areas that require caution, not only for your personal belongings but also for your personal safety.