Industrial Gas Museum Gift Shop
Industrial Gas Museum Gift Shop

This concept store inspired by the Industrial Gas Museum in the centre of Athens, gives you the chance to choose a souvenir from the wide variety available that will remind you of the Gas plant.

Original jewellery, stationary and decorative items for your home, useful items for cyclists as well as many books about the Industry will have you spoilt for choice.

Giannis Gikas, an industrial designer specialised in the field of lighting, inspired by the"old-fashioned" and "out-of-date" style, was the first one asked to design the plant, since it was originally built to provide lighting.

Giannis Gikas –a designer who believes that designing should satisfy material and other needs–, has participated in international exhibitions, and has been awarded the "red dot design award" in 2009, in one of the most prestigious design contests in the world.

Open all year round
Tuesday- Thursday- Friday: 09.30- 17.30, Wednesday: 09.30-13.30, Saturday- Sunday: 10.00-18.00
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