Within walking distance from Thissio metro station and in one of the most artistic neighbourhoods downtown, Quinta is a unique all-day proposal for coffee, food or drinks in Psiri.

Behind the red neoclassical building on Sarri Street, you’ll find a place with "character" and "personality", divided into three separate areas: the ground floor, the first floor and the back yard. With a philosophy that doesn’t follow the beaten track, in terms of both operation and decoration, Quinta is one of those haunts that stand out. 

It stands out because it serves brunch on a daily basis (11.00-18.00) with unique flavours, like pizza with egg, small burgers, quinoa salad, pancakes (with homemade jam, praline or maple syrup). It also boasts its Italian cuisine with its best selling fresh pasta (prepared in its kitchen), the Italian-style crispy pizza and the authentic tiramisu which is prepared in front of your eyes!

It also boasts its fine classic cocktails served in their authentic version (Cosmopolitan, Dry Martini, Negroni) as well as its exceptional signature cocktails.

Finally, it stands out for its unique and out of the box "character". This is one of the reasons why it is so popular especially among theatre and art lovers, as is located in one of the city's most artistic neighbourhoods. The music played on the background follows the house style with mostly jazz and funky sounds. 

Open all year round
Daily: from 11.00, kitchen: 11.00-01.00
€2.80 (cappuccino), €6 (spirit), from €8 (cocktails), from €13/person (food)
MasterCard, Visa