Rey Pablo
Rey Pablo

The creation of a modern concept that stands out for the uniqueness of the products, services, aesthetics and management is a priority objective and philosophy for Rey Pablo, in the area of Voula.

The successful design of a building outside the central square of the region, which previously used to function as a shoe store, in an all-day place that combines one-of-a-kind aesthetics, unique architecture and harmoniously coexists with the surrounding environment, has been a big bet for the concept’s success from the start. Moreover, the quality music sounds throughout the day create a unique and highly pleasant atmosphere for the customers.

At Rey Pablo you will find an exclusive variety of coffee, made especially for them, unusual teas and beverages as well as unique ways of preparing and serving. The menu is inspired by modern trends in the field, in order to successfully serve all needs, while all the raw ingredients go through rigorous and continuous inspections so that each dish –the Pablo's Burger, Rainbow sliders, fried eggs with bacon, avocado and bacon jam are a must– is a unique experience. The cocktail list consists of signature proposals, while the wine list boasts a unique selection of wines.

Finally, using a modern management model, one of the primary rules regards social responsibility. Affordable prices, strengthening of the local market by purchasing products from neighbouring shops, sponsoring sports clubs, environmental awareness and charitable activity, are part of the broader philosophy of Rey Pablo in a continuous effort for social contribution.

Open all year round
Monday- Friday: from 07.30, kitchen till 00.30, Saturday- Sunday: from 08.00, kitchen till 00.30
€3 (cappucino), €6 (spirit), €8-9 (cocktail), from €15-20/food
Diners, MasterCard, Visa