SIMUL gastronomic situ (meaning "together"), open from late December 2015, is the brand new city hot spot, located in a quiet and charming alley in Kolonaki. 

In gastronomy, in-situ refers to the art of cooking with the available raw ingredients depending on the time or the season you cook. At SIMUL, flavours are created based on fresh ingredients and the creativity of the day, while at the same time the kitchen accepts, respects and translates timeless influences into something new aiming to inspire an “interlocutory” relationship with the flavours.

With Nikos Thomas as head chef, a young man with a lot of love for cooking and experience next to famous names of Greek restaurants, the kitchen “rolls up its sleeves” from 2 pm and doesn’t rest on its laurels, because apart from the main menu –which changes frequently– it flirts daily with ingenious suggestions in daily dishes like the fresh fish that the chef buys from fishermen of Evia.

The card maintains our favourite flavours, such as the tartare of beef sirloin with wasabi cream, cucumber, chives, soya sauce, sesame and quail egg, the beef tail in Cantonese marinade with fried gnocchi and sweet onion and the rooster cooked in wine with frumenty and arseniko cheese from Naxos, but it also presents new and promising flavours, like the grilled miso eggplant with sweet chili, sesame and parsley, as well as the duck “lahanodolmades” with kale and foie gras.

It also features a new tasting menu, the "Rock the Gourmet" Degustation Menu, which consists of five characteristic dishes by the chef that comprise a complete dining experience at the price of €35/person.


Open all year round
Monday- Saturday: 19.00- 00.00
Spring Fixed menu from €22/person (appetizer, main course, dessert, glass of wine), from €30-35/person (without drink)