Uppertown by Sir Lock's House

Looking for an alternative way of entertainment? Something unusual and unique? Visit Uppertown by Sir Lock's House in Exarchia and experience one of the most integrated live escape game experiences in town. The rules are simple: you have 60 minutes to find the solution to numerous riddles and mysteries. Using logic and observation, you are playing only against time! The ultimate goal: Escape on Time!

You missions are:

Da Vinci: unLOCKed. Visit the office of a researcher who dedicated his life on the research of the works of the famous Italian Renaissance polymath. You will have one last chance to search through a lifetime’s work. Solve the riddles and puzzles hidden throughout both Leonardo’s work as well as the mysterious researcher’s office. Find out what the researcher discovered. But even if you do, will you be able to find your way out of the office in time? Will you reveal Leonardo Da Vinci’s holiest secret to the world?

Titanic: The Final Hour. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on board the most famous ship that ever sailed? What would happen if you were trapped inside the Titanic, minutes before its descent to the dark abyss? Could you help the crew and passengers, manage to find your way out and be part of its history? Or is the fate of the “unsinkable” ship sealed in its cold, water tomb?

Murder on Baker Street. A murder at the suburbs of London is nothing unusual. Especially when, at the night of the murder, the victim, the most powerful, rich and corrupted candidate mayor of the recent years, throws an open ball at his mansion. But what happens when all the suspects have a solid alibi? Two centuries later, still no one managed to solve this weird case! A dark murder, many suspects, no culprit! Can there be a perfect crime? Travel to the 18th century London, solve an impossible case and dispense justice!

In Da Vinci: unLOCKed and Titanic: The Final Hour rooms 2-6 players can participate, while in Murder on Baker Street 3-6 players.

Omonoia (Red Line)
Panepistimio Metro Station in also close to Sir Lock's House.
Open all year round
Tuesday- Friday: 14.00-23.00, Saturday- Sunday: 11.00-23.00
From €10-16/person