Spoiled was a very promising cocktail bar which opened in 2013 in Dafni. Nowadays, it is an established meeting point for both locals and people swarming here from all corners of Athens.

You will spot this renovated (in November 2017) venue just a stone’s throw away from the Dafni metro station. Its modern design and cozy ambience will tempt you to come here any time of the day.

Order coffee served with a snack (delicious handmade pizza) or a drink-cocktail and rest assured that whatever you choose will satisfy you completely.

Spoiled focuses on its bar and boasts a fully updated cellar with about 240 extracts.
George Kavaklis (owner and bartender) and Spoiled’s team have a very professional approach regarding cocktails. That is why they have created a special lab right across the bar, where they prepare three times a week the basic ingredients for their cocktail –handmade purees, liqueurs, bitters, syrups, various kinds of fermentations etc.

The cocktail list is updated once a year and the current list is called "Bird Cage". Every cocktail is depicted with a movement of a bird (symbolizing the imagination) held inside a cage (symbolizing the mind), which finally breaks free. This is the way the list’s creators chose to showcase that when you do something with love and professional care, your imagination can break all boundaries.

Some of the suggestions that stand out are Shouting Whispers (gin, lemon, bergamot, hibiscus, and ginger), Hunting Treasures (homemade spiced blend rums, lime, amaro, homemade fermentation with black sugar and mango), Purple Rain (cashaca, picked beetroot, pistachio, lemon και raspberry) and The Whale (vodka, citrus fruits, roasted green pepper syrup and Aegean tonic).

DJs play soul and funk music from Thursday to Saturday in Spoiled, which also hosts events with guest bartenders from other popular downtown cocktail bars, gastro events in collaboration with chef Haris Nikolouzos dedicated to various cuisines from all over the world, pairing gastro delicacies with cocktails, as well as music events with guest DJs.

Dafni (Red Line)
Open all year round
Daily: from 09.00
€3.30 (freddo cappuccino), €6 (drink), from €7 (cocktail)
MasterCard, Visa