Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani
Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani

The concept is based on the Byzantine "pastomageireio" (combination of taverna and shop selling salted goods). You can buy carefully selected products, aged cheeses and superb, aged cold cuts, but you can also try, on-the-spot, tasty dishes made with traditional recipes. "Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani". in the historic centre of Athens, next to the Varvakeios market, is housed in a fairy-tale mansion with some architectural elements still preserved, and impressive ceilings that make heads turn. The name comes from the dialect used by the Greeks in Cappadocia -where cured beef comes from.

Nowadays, you can enjoy the authentic "karamanlidikes" recipes and buy the awarded products by Sary meat processing plant. The cured beef, pork ham with rosemary, beef thigh with sweet paprika, prosciutto from Drama, preserved beef, sardinella, "karamanlidikos" cured beef and the Istanbul soutzouki, stand out.

You will also find local grocery shop products, such as cornus products, handmade pasta from Xanthi, sturgeon, smoked salmon, and a fantastic variety of cheeses that include goat cheese, graviera cheese made with goat or cow milk, salted cheeses, kaseri cheese from Xanthi and aged cheeses from all over Greece.

The menu features few dishes, each one better than the other. If you wish, you can create your own platter. The recipes with free-range eggs from Chios & soutzouki or cured beef are delicious, while the mini dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), sausages and the Russian salad are a must-try. The spirits list with Greek beers, wine and distillates is satisfactory and suits all tastes and budgets, making an authentic culinary experience complete.

Monastiraki (Blue Line)
Open all year round
Monday-Saturday: 07.00-00.00
From €10-12/person
MasterCard, Visa