The Bank Job
The Bank Job
The Bank Job
The Bank Job
The Bank Job

Housed on the site where formerly held the money counting of the Bank of Army Pension Fund, The Bank Job is a fun cocktail bar different from the rest.

Its space and cocktail list are inspired by the previous use of the building, while it also stimulates the interest with its unique and highly sophisticated concept.

Brick walls, iron pipes, purposefully worn out walls, ceiling with a wire mesh (to resemble a prison) and the old Bank's safe as The Bankjob’s centrepiece introduce us to the philosophy of.... break-in and of what follows in case of failure!

Its original cocktail list comes to reinforce that concept with the 12 signature proposals of Thanos TsekourasDimitris Tsalas (who is co-owner as well as bartender) and Konstantinos Marmaras, which resembles a passport and is called Passport. The "robber", then, travels to various locations through it –airports, ports, train stations–and experiences a cocktail named after the corresponding place and a core drink from the respective country.

The Bank Job’s "robber" starts their "journey" from Chios with The Great Escape (mastic liqueur, strawberry, ginger, cotton candy), continues by air to go to London enjoying a Heathrow (gin, green apple, kiwi soda and aromas of asteroid anise), to pick up the next flight to Finland where they relax with a Kuopio (Vodka, chilli, passion fruit, peach foam) and later find themselves to Santo Domingo to indulge in a Los Americas (aged rum, tangerine, spicy syrup, ginger). Eventually, they return to Greece to enjoy a Back to Roots (Roots herb, Campari, hazelnut liqueur, tonic water).

Another reason why we choose The Bank Job is the fact that they love party music and this is why it’s referred to as fun cocktail bar diversifying itself from the rest of the city's cocktail bars. Every Friday and Saturday it sets the night on fire with rhythms that get everybody in a dance mood.

Syntagma (Blue Line)
Open all year round
Sunday- Thursday: 18.00-02.00, Friday- Saturday: 18.00-04.00
From €7 (spirit), from €8 (cocktails)
MasterCard, Diners, Visa