The Bank Job
The Bank Job
The Bank Job
The Bank Job
The Bank Job

Housed on the site where formerly held the money counting of the Bank of Army Pension Fund, The Bank Job is a fun cocktail bar different from the rest.

Its space and cocktail list are inspired by the previous use of the building, while it also stimulates the interest with its unique and highly sophisticated concept.

Brick walls, iron pipes, purposefully worn out walls, ceiling with a wire mesh (to resemble a prison) and the old Bank's safe as The Bankjob’s centrepiece introduce us to the philosophy of.... break-in and of what follows in case of failure!

The whole concept is reinforced by the brand new original cocktail list, which will take you on a different kind of tour in the city center. The new list, called "Famous and Stolen", has distinct references to priceless treasures that you can see for yourself in the area around The Bank Job. They are showcased on museums located in the heart of the city and allure to forbidden collections of stolen treasures dating from ancient times to the 20th century. One side of the list is dominated by a map, which works as an invitation to visit the museums and discover their tempting exhibits. On the other side you will find the cocktails, conceived and prepared by the bartending team, which refer to 14 exhibits and their incredible backstories.

The list includes special cocktails, such as the Hipster B.C., a light cocktail inspired by a rare statuette portraying a bearded young man and is exhibited in Acropolis Museum. If you visit the Numismatic Museum you will surely admire an exquisite collection containing 149 ancient coins. To revive this experience you can order the 149 Coins, an intense cocktail, served with a marshmallow. The very subtly named Mask, is a deceptive cocktail with a distinct cucumber smell and tastes like strawberry named after Agamemnon’s Mask, the so called Mona Lisa of antiquity, which is on show at the National Archaeological Museum. Another fine suggestion is the Samurai, which draws inspiration from an authentic Japanese body armour exhibited in the War Museum. Its main ingredient is tonka scented vodka and is served in a very innovative way with caramelized popcorn and dry nuts.

Another reason why we choose The Bank Job is the fact that they love party music and this is why it’s referred to as fun cocktail bar diversifying itself from the rest of the city's cocktail bars. Every Friday and Saturday it sets the night on fire with rhythms that get everybody in a dance mood.

Syntagma (Blue Line)
Open all year round
Sunday- Thursday: 18.00-02.00, Friday- Saturday: 18.00-04.00
From €7 (spirit), from €8 (cocktails)
Diners, MasterCard, Visa