The Clumsies
The Clumsies
The Clumsies
The Clumsies
The Clumsies

Since the moment it opened in December 2014, it was obvious that it would be one of the top bars in Athens. The Clumsies –in 2015 it was featured in 22nd place, in 2016 in 9th place, in 2017 in 6th place and in 2018 in 7th place on the list of the World's 50 Best Bars– in Praxitelous street, is here to stay, and more importantly it is here to make our days and nights in the city centre even more interesting.

This is a unique version of an all day long spot, where you can have a cup of coffee, a drink or a cocktail as well as comfort food. This is why The Clumsies is not just another all day long cafe-cocktail bar, but much more than that.

The name itself is rather unusual. Here, five clumsy blokes with numerous skills -Lefteris Georgopoulos, Thanos Tsounakas, Giorgos Kaisaris (or the dream team of "Theory" in Halandri) along with talented Vasilis Kiritsis and Nikos Bakoulis- joined forces to provide (another) reason to love the city centre.

The Clumsies is housed in an imposing listed building that will remind you of a house, and which takes you back in time with scents and images of "good old Athens". From 1900 until recently, taverna "Doris" made its own history here, as it was a popular choice among gourmands in Athens, a philosophy also adopted by The Clumsies. The Nine Design team, who have designed some of the most successful venues in Athens, are the ones who created the interior design. The hall will remind you of a house, the bar is elegant, the covered patio (which will be open weather permitting) will remind you of a courtyard, the rear space with the massive monastery-type table is ideal for large groups who know how to have fun, while the steps leading to the upper floor will make you curious.

What can you order here? Let's start with the premium quality coffee –enjoy the house recipe made with a fresh and aromatic custom made blend– and the delightful breakfast suggestions.

The menu is compiled by The Clumsies team of chefs and bears the signature of Alberto Similidis. The delectable comfort food dishes are the ideal accompaniment to your coffee or drink. You should not miss the all-inclusive tastes included of the Sunday brunch menu, which is served every Sunday 10.00-18.00 and is considered to be among the best in Athens.


As far as cocktails, the gentlemen of the bar, Vassilis Kyritsis and Nikos Mpakoulis, have done an excellent job. They have composed an unusual list that rouses the senses and makes your choice of the ideal cocktail a small adventure. 

Here, you will also enjoy exclusively "The Clumsies Old Tom Gin", in other words the gin created by Vassilis Kyritsis and Nikos Mpakoulis in collaboration with the Roots Premium Spirits, as well as approximately 200 premium labels.

Monastiraki (Blue Line)
Open all year round
Monday-Thursday & Sunday:10.00-02.00, Friday & Saturday:10.00-04.00
€7 (spirits), €9 (cocktails), €3,3 (cappuccino), from €5-9 (food)
World's 50 Best Bars for 2015
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