The Frogs
The Frogs
The Frogs
The Frogs
The Frogs

The Frogs is housed in a listed three-storey building of 1840 on Psiri Square and took its name from its address with a more comic approach –it is located on Aristofanous Street and its name was inspired by Aristophanes’ comedy “The Frogs”. It also states its concept in this way, which is none other than a happy bar.

The Frogs was the new addition of Psiri in July 2016 and has managed to make the difference ever since. With a cosy atmosphere and stone and wood dominating its interior, it is ideal for any time of day. Note that it features three areas –the exterior with tables on the pavement, the ground floor inside and the first floor. The latter, in fact, will be very reminiscent of house corners with comfortable sofas, libraries etc., as soon as it is completed in the next few days.

Here, you will enjoy quality and aromatic coffee, for which it has a particular preference, you will savour sandwiches with various buns and selected Greek products, have a light lunch break with fresh salads, while you won’t be able to resist its homemade cakes and fluffy muffins.

At night, the scene changes, the space becomes more atmospheric and the cocktail list takes the lead with signature proposals by Harris Bonanos, who is also the co-owner. We stood out the Negroni What? (Campari, Skinos mastiha liqueur and Greek Otto's Vermouth) garnished with a cucumber peel and lemon oil, and the Ai'lav (Metaxa 5 stars, ginger, lime and 3 Cents mandarin-bergamot) garnished with dried orange, lime powder and bergamot on the rim of the glass.

All this is accompanied with soul, funk, and pop music. In fact, various events are organized twice a month with light house music by the music producers of Best radio, while the party with the music producer of Pepper radio takes place on one Thursday every month.

Monastiraki (Blue Line)
Open all year round
Monday- Thursday: 10.00-01.00, Friday: 10.00-02.00, Saturday: 12.00-03.30, Sunday: 11.00-01.00
€3 (cappuccino), €6.50 (drink), from €7 (cocktail)