The Local Pub
The Local Pub

An awarded beer bar by the American site RateBeer, with a wide variety of American, English and Greek beers. This is The Local Pub, a place that does not fall short in comparison to similar ones in England and has become a destination for beer lovers and tourists in search of something different.

With wood being a dominant feature, and dimmed lighting, it attracts beer lovers from the surrounding areas as well as from the rest of Athens, that gather in the main pedestrian street in Halandri, where it is located. The experienced staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have about beer, and will introduce you to new flavours according to your preferences.

At The Local Pub you will find a wide range of draught beer, 21 to be precise, while the bottled ones about 60 carefully selected beers) are exclusively imported by the owners, so most of them cannot be found in other beer halls in the city.

Here you will find exclusively beers from the Anastasiou Microbrewery, which is right next to The Local Pub.  

As you would expect rock music is heard –as it should at an authentic beer hall.





Open all year round
Tuesday-Sunday: 18.00-02.00
From €2 (glass of draught), from €5 (bottle)