The Paradox Project
The Paradox Project

Turning upside down what was previously known about escape rooms, The Paradox Project, centrally located in Kallithea, is the first escape house in Athens with a completely different philosophy from the escape rooms that we have been used to. 

It is a mystery game that takes place in a real house of 120 m2 –on the 2nd floor of a neoclassical building at the junction of Charokopou & Eleftheriou Venizelou streets– filled with several rooms, secrets and hidden passages.

The goal is not to escape from the house, but by finding hidden objects, unlocking padlocks and importing codes to take part in the scenario and give your own version of the case, which has beginning, middle and end. Its owners have managed to create a highly realistic game without absolutely no limitations. 

There are three different finales of the case depending on the observation, perception, logic, the senses but also the skills, control, clear mind and teamwork that you will show during the game. 

Another thing that makes The Paradox Project stand out is the fact that the duration of the game reaches 3 hours –this is the longest game of the kind in Greece– as well as the fact that it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! 

Note that for the games that start until 23.00 the reservations are made online & by telephone. For the games that start after midnight reservations are made only by telephone at least 1 day in advance.

Open all year round
24 hours
3 people: €25 per person, 4 people: €23 per person, 5 people: €21 per person, 6 people: €20 per person, 7 people: €19 per person, - €3 for unemployed persons, students and European Youth Card holders, - €4 for the games that start before 18.00