Excursion to The Ranch
Excursion to The Ranch

The Ranch is located in a valley of the Sofiko exquisite pine tree forest in Corinthia, 97 km away from Athens. In its modern eco-friendly sports and accommodation facilities it organizes imaginative activities maintaining all safety standards, recreational sports and lots of games in a place which matches perfectly the natural surroundings.

The Ranch awaits you every weekend from September to May to offer you an unforgettable daily getaway with your family or your friends. Once here you can play your favourite sport in its state of the art sports facilities (3 football fields 11x11, 1 multisport hall, 4 basketball courts, 2 volleyball courts, 1 tennis court, 2 table tennis tables), wander around the wild nature and visit all The Ranch stations riding the small train or the carriage, stroll in the farm and the stables to see up close the hosted animals (horses, ponies, deer, peacocks etc.), ride the horses in the equestrian facility, as well as learn all you need to know or test your skills in archery.

Moreover, from September to May, it organizes sporting events, sport camps and tournaments, corporate conventions, as well as various social events.

During the summer, from mid-June to the end of August, The Ranch hosts an organized sports camp for children, with unique sports, cultural and artistic activities.

Open all year round
Saturday-Sunday: 10.00-17.00 (September to mid-June)
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