The French culinary virtue combined with the freshest ingredients creates a list of products that is not only authentic, but healthy and rich in flavour. 

This is Troufa, in Drosia, where all your senses will awaken immediately in a magical way! The aroma of fresh sweets, which create a warm nostalgia, will evoke memories from your childhood, the colours will stimulate your imagination and awaken your desire to discover more, while your curiosity will overwhelm you at the sounds of fresh-cut coffee, steam coming out from the espresso machine, soft music, and laughter.

The last but most immediate sense is none other than the taste. The moment when the sweet you have chosen touches your palate, and when you feel the texture of the fresh ingredients that are perfectly combined without losing their identity, you know, within your soul, what Troufa is all about.

At Troufa, bread is baked every 2-3 hours, not just at dawn, guaranteeing in this way the freshness of the products, which in most cases are still hot when you pick them off the shelf. Here, you will find everything, from traditional bread to unique varieties, original combinations of ingredients, sugar-free or gluten-free products, as well as light meals served on a daily basis, ideal for business breakfast, brunch or lunch. You can also enjoy fresh sandwiches, foccacias, bruschettas, salads, fruit salads and snacks, all prepared day and with fresh ingredients of the highest quality.

The true signature and roots of Troufa, however, lie in pastry making. It is famous both for its classic pastries such as éclairs, tarts, profiteroles, Giandujia cakes, and for its innovative recipes, such as the exotic sabayon cake with vanilla and berries, all of them made in perfect balance in terms of flavour and composition. In fact, the internationally award-winning chef patissiers of the patisserie create visual masterpieces that incline you for the taste experience that will follow.

What’s impressive at Troufa is that every day they reinvent the way they prepare and combine chocolate with other flavours, while with regard to raw ingredients, these are the purest and freshest on the market, with the chocolates being so fresh, that they cannot stand too long on the shelf, as their production is almost on a 24-hour base.

Mix the aromas of a traditional French bakery, the hubbub and vitality of an Italian Espresso bar, and the style of a cafe in Manhattan, and you will have the authentic experience of Troufa.

Open all year round
Daily: 06.30-23.00
MasterCard, Visa