Kostarelos Cheese & Dairy

Kostarelos Cheese & Dairy

Always true to their values, Kostarelos Cheese & Dairy has been producing fine cheese and dairy products for three generations. It all began in 1937 when Kostarelos family started making cheese and yogurt with milk from their own animals for the residents of Markopoulos, at the tavern they had in the area.

In the 60s the Cheese & Dairy was created in Markopoulos area, expanding the small dairy production to a comprehensive and structured production process, which even today preserves the key elements of tradition.

Continuing the family history and the same vision for the creation of fine products, the company collects milk from selected herds and enthusiastically produces cheese, yogurt, rice pudding and other dairy, catering seven retail “Kostarelos Cheese & Dairy” stores in Attica.

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