Kostarelos Cheese & Dairy
Kostarelos Cheese & Dairy
Kostarelos Cheese & Dairy
Kostarelos Cheese & Dairy
Kostarelos Cheese & Dairy

Kostarelos Cheese & Dairy store opened in 2015 in Kolonaki boasting a unique concept. It is a Greek deli where you can find products of the Cheese & Dairy and taste unique recipes.

On a daily basis and with selected traditional products from all over Greece, unique tasty proposals are prepared with fine raw ingredients –cheese, sausage and other products available at the store. Dishes include a great variety of sandwiches such as "soft feta cheese, roasted mushrooms and bacon with mayonnaise truffle in whole-wheat bread", salads like "arugula, cherry tomatoes, oil biscuits, katiki cheese and vinaigrette sauce from molasses" and unique cheese and cold cut platters exclusively from Greece, which can be accompanied ideally with Greek wines and Greek microbrewery beers. There are also excellent sweet proposals, based mainly on the dairy products of the Cheese & Dairy.

Here you will also find suggestions for fondue with three kinds of Greek cheese. Moreover you will be able to experience the ritual of enjoying a fondue and savor the velvet taste of fine Greek cheese like feta, graviera etc. combined with nuts or truffle oil. Kostarelos Deli boasts its affection and respect for all its products and offers you the ability to create your own personal platter by selecting your favorites from a list of 20 top quality kinds of cheese.

The store features, of course, and the "Kostarelos" series of dairy products, the award-winning feta cheese, the famous yogurts and creams –everything made with Greek fresh milk.

Don’t miss the opportunity to sample its suggestions for a superb Greek breakfast, as well as the brand new sandwiches with Kostarelos’ feta spread cheese.

This store constitutes an important first step towards the further development of the company, both in Greece and abroad.

Most dishes are available for takeaway, while it also features a delivery service in the greater Athens area. 

Evangelismos (Blue Line)
Open all year round
Monday- Friday: 08.00- 21.00, Saturday: 08.00- 20.00
American Express, MasterCard, Visa