Ventiri Roast House
Ventiri Roast House

A favourite haunt for original meat eating in Ilissia, right in the center of Athens. Ventiri Roast House was founded to meet the meat lovers’ needs as well as to cater those looking to be initiated in the secrets of quality grilled meat dishes.

The venue is imposing and adorned with miscellaneous elements –luxurious chandeliers come in contrast with the piglets and the sausages hanging in the meat refridgerator, while leather chairs co-exist harmoniously with the bricks on the wall, which is a characteristic feature of authentic steak houses– that combine ideally to create a sophisticated and at the same time unique ambience.

Its main characteristics are the use of premium quality meats –Black Angus short ribs slowly grilled for 8 hours in bourbon sauce, BBQ beef, rib-eye beef tagliata sautéed with Jack Daniels, black pork short ribs, tomahawk black angus, water buffalo kebab, beef liver in hot truffle butter etc.– the vast experience in grilling and the hearty portions it serves.

The menu also includes juicy meats, such as pork and lamb, black pork hot dog and skewer with chicken drumstick fillet are used as fillings for corn pita pies, accompanied by their own matching sauce.

You should try the handmade pies. From the appetizers stand out the preserved buffalo with eggs, tomato and grated feta, the grilled asparagus with crispy siglino (sausage) from Mani and a trilogy of fried vegetables with a light yogurt sauce.

Moreover, it has a wide range of local cheese –smoked cheese with truffle, paprika or garlic from Naoussa, cheese in cinders from Naxos, ksirotiri from Samothrace, Niotiko (gruyere from Ios), San Michalis from Syros etc.– an updated list of Greek wines and various Greek beer labels.

Evangelismos (Blue Line)
Open all year round
Daily: 12.30-01.00
From €25/person