Bungee Jumping
The Aradaina gorge is a reference point for bungee jumping fans. Aradaina belongs to the Sfakia municipality (3 Km west of Anopoli) and offers some of the most spectacular natural scenery in Chania. It has the steepest and deepest gorge (138 meters deep).
The two sides are joined by a metal bridge that was built by the Vardinoyiannis family in the mid 1980s and is the starting point for the risky plunge into the void.
If you prefer not to get your adrenaline pumping so hard, go for a hike in the gorge. We are confident that the route starts at the abandoned Aradaina village and is 7 meters wide and takes you along a magical path to Marmara beach.
Aradaina gorge, formerly known as Faraggas, is one of the most beautiful and biggest in the region, measuring 15 meters in length.