Chania Archaeological Museum

You will come across the Chania Archaeological Museum on the busy Halidon Street in the Old Town, opposite the Cathedral. Housed in a catholic church in the Agios Frangiskos Venetian monastery, it has a collection of exhibits which introduce you to the cultural history of the prefecture from neolithic times to the Roman period.

The museum exhibits are divided into two sections. The findings from the late neolithic era and the Minoan era are located in the east wing, while those from the Iron Age are displayed in the west wing. They are presented in excavation and themed sets. The Minoan findings from Chania town and other regions in the prefecture stand out as well as offerings from the graves from the geometric period, coins, jewellery, sculptures, columns and inscriptions.

Since 2000, the three small museum rooms have housed the Konstantine, Marika and Kyriakos Mitsotakis collection which were donated by the Mitsotakis family. You can admire objects of Minoan ceramics, pottery, stone carvings etc in the collection. The museum also has maintenance workshops and an exhibition shop next to the main entrance.

Open all year round
Tuesday-Sunday: 08.30-15.00
€3, €2 (reduced)