Chatzimichali Ntaliani, Chania

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Chatzimichali Ntaliani

Stis Annas

The traditional Stis Annas tavern on Daliani Street bears the name of the owner and soul of the shop, who naturally holds the reins in the kitchen.

Chatzimichali Ntaliani


Traditional fare on Hatzimihali Daliani Street with retro style (the interior is decorated with historical artifacts) and Cretan cuisine. Apart from the...

Chatzimichali Ntaliani


Minute, as suggested by the name, the tasteful Miniatoura bar is located on the famous Hatzimihali Daliani pedestrian Street behind the Municipal Market....

Chatzimichali Ntaliani


On Hatzimihali Daliani Street, one of the most picturesque narrow streets in Chania, Mesogiako serves Mediterranean cuisine. With a menu comprising salads,...

Chatzimichali Ntaliani


Known as the Monastery of Charles, Kibar on Hatzimihali Daliani Street is housed in a 16th century building which functioned as a catholic monastery.

Chatzimichali Ntaliani


Tzedakis is one of the most historic patisseries in Chania, located on Tsouderon Street right behind Hatzimihali Daliani Street. Established in 1894 when the...