Egyptian Lighthouse

The Egyptian Lighthouse is one of the landmarks in the Old Port and one of the first sights to attract the attention of visitors to Chania.

Built by the Venetians -do not be fooled by its name- between 1595 and 1601, it stands proudly on the edge of the Old Port water breaker lighting up your every moment during your stay in the beautiful Chania.

The damage it suffered over time was repaired by the Egyptians 200 years after its construction. Around 1830, when Crete was granted the regent of Egypt, Mehmet Ali, by the British, its shape became more like a minaret.

In 1839 it began using new lighting technology, while in 1864 it was passed into the hands of the French Society of Ottoman Lighthouses. It stands 21 metres tall and the light reaches a distance of 7 miles.