Excursion to Sfakia

Fit in a day trip (or longer, if you have time) to Sfakia during your time in Chania. It is just 75 km from the center of Chania town, in the south west of the island. The majority of the White Mountains (Madares), Samaria gorge, Aradaina, Kladou etc are part of the the Sfakia municipality.

There are 3 theories regarding the name. One says it comes from the word "sfaks" which means land of the canyons. The second says the area took its name from laurel, which is known as "sfakes" on Crete. The third supports the theory that it was originally called Sfikia and over time the name was changed to Sfakia.
You can take a walk in the village in the romantic past admiring the one and two storey mansions, the colorful gardens and cobbled streets. Those who want a relaxing holiday, without late nights, are in the right place as there are small taverns and cafes for a relaxing time here.
Avoid the beach by the village and preferably go to the one to the west of the exit of Sfakia Village or Ilinga, 1 km away for a swim. ANENDYK boats ( depart from Sfakia to Loutro, Agia Roumeli, Palaiohora and Gavdos.