Excursion to Loutro

Take an excursion to Loutro which is considered one of the most famous places in the prefecture of Chania.

The seaside hamlet in the southern part of the prefecture, 71 km from the center of Chania, is a popular resort especially during summer. The fishing village was allegedly the site of the ancient town of Finikas and the port of Ancient Anopolis.

Loutro owes its name to the baths that were found in the area and is the favorite destination for those who want to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing holiday. It may only have one road, crammed with taverns, cafes and rooms to rent, but once you set eyes on it you will not want anything else. The white washed houses (reminiscent of a Cycladic landscape) "embrace" the small harbor creating a wonderful image forever etched on your mind.

The building which housed the governor during the 1821 Revolution, the ruins of ancient Aradaina with the church of Archangel Michael and Anopolis are the attractions.

If you are based in Loutro, you can explore the Samaria gorge and Aradaina or climb Anopoli and enjoy the magnificent view of the Libyan sea. You can also get a boat from here to the most southerly point in Europe, the small island of Gavdos.