Firka Fortress
Firka Fortress

Firka (Turkish word meaning barracks) Fortress is located in the north east part of the Old Port and was built by the Venetians in 1645 to protect the entrance to Chania port. Silent and imposing for many years, it tells travelers the important historical events that took place here.

The Venetians housed their barracks and naval guard here. During the Turkish occupation, it served as a prison for locals for fought for the liberation of Crete and its union with the rest of Greece.

On December 1st 1913, Firka Fortress hosted the official ceremony of the union with Greece during which the Greek flag was raised in the small turret for the first time. The ceremony was attended by King Constantine, the Prime Minister, Eleftherios Venizelos, Admiral Kountouriotis, warriors, survivors and crowds from all over the island.

Today, the Maritime Museum of Crete, which was built inside the fort on the Venetian walls is located at the entrance to the fortress in the south part.