Gavdos, the southernmost tip of Europe, is 32 nautical miles from Palaiohora and 22 from Sfakia. According to legend, it was the island of Calypso where Odysseus was shipwrecked. It is a very small island and triangular in shape. It measures just 32 and is part of the Natura 2000 network.

It has very few settlements -Kastri (the capital), Ambelos and Vatsiana (the southernmost inhabited part). You will encounter scattered stone, reminiscent of Gavdos' heyday, throughout its expansion.

The island has very few permanent residents (not exceeding 50). However, in summer many campers choose Gavdos for an alternative vacation. You will be impressed and enthusiastic about its laid back pace, dreamy beaches -Ai Yiannis, Karave, Korfos, Potamos, Tripiti, Sarakiniko, Lavrakas- with their heavenly crystal clear water and cedar trees reaching the sea, and breathtaking sunrise and sunset.

The most important attractions on Gavdos are the old lighthouse on the south west coast, Aspes, the Venetian castle in Kefali, the Roman ruins in Ai Yiannis, the tombs of Lavrakas and the small Folklore Museum in Vatsiana.

Small taverns, rooms for rent, and traditional cafes can be found in various areas on the island. You can rent cars and motorbikes in Sarakiniko.

You can reach Gavdos by ANENDYK boats (tel. +30 28210 95511) from Sfakia (€21,20/person, duration: 2.5 hours or Palaiohora (€23,30/person, duration: 3.5 hours).