Traditional fare on Hatzimihali Daliani Street with retro style (the interior is decorated with historical artifacts) and Cretan cuisine. Apart from the tasty dishes, Oinopio stands out for its warm environment and friendly atmosphere. Weather permitting, tables are placed outside on the busy pedestrian street stimulating the friendly mood in the area.

Apart from everything else, the menu is distinguished for its baked graviera cheese in tomato-aubergine sauce, the scrambled eggs, the strapatsada with singlino and mizithra cheese, the courgettes, the Oinopio fava, the kalitsounia, the fried meraklidiki, the wrapped kebabs with yoghurt, the chicken wings, the lamb with vegetables, the Chania meat pie and the sfakiano.

Open all year round
Daily; from 19.00
From €12/person