Although the name is inspired, it corresponds to reality. The Piragmeno (crazy) ice cream parlour on busy Chalidon Street will introduce you to a new way, for Greek standards, of choosing your favourite ice cream.

Dimitris took the idea that was inspired from the USA 6 years ago and put into action. Since then, he has turned the Piragmeno into a reference point for ice cream lovers. Other than the unique and original ice cream flavours, Smurf, Don Vito, dark chocolate sorbet with an orange aftertaste, big babol bubblegum, banoffee, etc., at the Piragmeno you will find a large selection of sugar, biscuit, wafer, fresh fruit, alcohol (even tsikoudia) etc. toppings to chose from, so that you can create your own 'piragmeno' ice cream.

How is a Piragmeno ice cream made? Choose the flavour and accompaniments/toppings of your choice and Dimitris will undertake to turn them into your own ice cream. The ingredients are combined on a specially designed slab that freezes the moisture in the air and the result is scrumptious. If you are unsure about the combinations, ask the experts for information on tried and tested flavour combinations.

A rough calculation of the combinations you can come up with amounts to 24,389!

Open all year round
Daily: 10.00-22.00 (winter), 09.00-06.00 (summer)
€1.70 (1 scoop), €3.20 (2 scoops), €4.50 (3 scoops), €1.50 (espresso), €4 (milkshake/400 ml)