The Italian Job
The Italian Job
The Italian Job
The Italian Job
The Italian Job

The fact that we find ourselves in the beautiful and beloved city of Chania, does not mean that we cannot make a mental trip to Italy or rather a... delicious one!

The favourite, now, The Italian Job that welcomes us in "refreshed" area in the heart of the modern city is here to make that a reality. With colours referring to the flag of the neighbouring country –red, white, green– and lift our spirit, we include it in the must stops during your visit in Chania, if you want to embrace the everyday habits of Italians. Pizza, pasta and espresso are its three basic and known for "codes", which really make it stand out in the category of street food bars.

This season, however, The Italian Job introduces another code, which, during the summer, will definitely become a favourite choice of yours. This is its refreshing salads, which are ideal for a light tasty break. Italian, Mexico, with arugula or salmon, whichever one you choose will leave the best of impressions.

The authentic Italian pizza dough, available in three sizes (small, middle, giant) remains a classic. If you generally find it difficult to make a decision, then Italian Job will definitely give you... a hard time because it features 26 different combinations and the ability to create your pizza with the materials of your choice. Its pluses include the fact that besides a whole pizza, you can go for a slice of one of the 10 readily available pizzas in the shop's window.

For the pasta lovers there are 26 different sauces that perfectly accompany spaghetti, tortellini, linguini, penne and wholemeal penne.

Open all year round
Monday-Saturday: 10.00-14.00
From €4 (slice of pizza), from €3,50 (pasta), €1,50 (freddo cappuccino)