To Steki
To Steki

The traditional To Steki tavern is located in the quaint Agion Deka alley below Mitropolis Square, and it is certain to become your hangout. Mrs. Karerina and Mrs. Stephania prepare authentic Cretan dishes every day so you can taste the best of local cuisine.

The lamb cutlets, apaki with sage and balsamic, Chania patty, pennes with pork and the courgettes and stuffed vine leaves (both homemade) stand out. Naturally, everything is accompanied by Cretan raki, produced by the owners to complete your authentic Cretan experience in the best way.

If you're lucky you can try their delicious pilaf (gamopilafo) with goat or chicken. To be sure that it's on the menu on the day you visit Steki, call beforehand so that they can prepare it for you.

Open all year round
Daily: from 12.00
From €15/person (with a drink)