Tyrokomika Balantinos
Tyrokomika Balantinos

The Balantinos family started crafting cheese in 1930, when their first store in Chania's city centre began operation. Since then, with a distinct focus and high respect to quality, the company was able to create market leading products gaining acceptance and recognition amongst the people in a very short time.

The company is ISO 22000 certified and has been awarded three taste prizes (2007, 2009 & 2011). To this day it remains a family run enterprise with the fourth generation of its owners at its helm who continue its legacy by implementing the family's perennial wisdom and tradition in the cheese making, producing quality products in a modern factory located in the nearby area of Varipetro in Nea Kidonia.

Balantinos' benchmark products include the famous Cretan graviera cheese, sheep's yoghurt, kefalotiri, Pixtogalo Chanion (a thickened milk cheese, also known as myzithra), staka (goat's milk butter), anthotyro (a sour ricotta-like cheese), and tyromalama (a fresh cheese made from pasteurised sheep and goat's milk).

Open all year round
Daily: 08.00-21.00