Aktaion, one of the most historic places of Corfu, is offering unparalleled views of the Old Fortress to anyone who visits it. The word "aktaios" in ancient Greek means seaside and from that alone you can get a small taste of the dream spot that Aktaion is located.

Its history goes back before World War II, when it was used as the city's outdoor cinema named "Aktaion". Until 1946 it continues to operate as a cinema, while in 1948 it becomes an open-air restaurant called "Aura". From this point onwards, "Aktaion" never changes its name and entertains its guests serving as a café, restaurant etc.

Today, this all day long haunt welcomes us from early in the morning with coffee, juice and tasty suggestions to start our day in the best way possible, while this year it renews its cuisine and surprises us with a thought-out menu of modern Greek cuisine with Mediterranean influences that you should definitely try. From the menu we picked out the "San Spanakopita" salad with fresh spinach, lettuce, feta cheese, broken filo pastry and aromatic lemon vinaigrette.

The wine list honours the Greek vineyard, while there is also a cocktail list. 

You can visit it even to enjoy the truly enchanting view with a glass of wine or beer and light accompaniments, or a drink. Ultimately, you will always find a reason to come to Aktaion again and again. The dreamy location, the quality services and the friendly atmosphere will make you a loyal patron.

Open all year round
Daily: 09.00-late, 12.00-16.00 & 19.00-00.00 (kitchen)
€3.5 (freddo cappuccino), From €15/person (without wine)
MasterCard, Visa