Cake Boutique
Cake Boutique
Cake Boutique

A stone's throw from the National Bank and Hondos Center, in an up-and-coming neighbourhood, you will find Cake Boutique and you will feel as if you have just discovered a hidden treasure. 

First of all, the whole place oozes cleanliness and minimalism, while the influences of Europe level pastry are apparent from its elegant boutique showcase to the smallest detail of its sweet temptations.

A group of three young people, Aggeliki, Katerina and Vaggelis, joined their passion for baking and decided to add to the gastronomic map of Corfu something that was really missing.

Here you will taste amazing macarons, fresh cupcakes and a palette of sweet creations that raise the bar high. The dark chocolate and kumquat macaron is definitely a must try to get a local traditional taste of Corfu. 

Besides all that, Cake Boutique features also the most elaborate cakes of the island with fondant in designs and flavours that will make you a devoted fan, as well as various delicious gift suggestions for your loved ones. 

Daily 10.00-22.00, Sunday 10.00-14.30
€1 (macaron), 2 (cupcake), €3-4 (sweets)