Diapontia Islands

The Diapontia is a cluster of 11 small islands located in close proximity to Corfu and is one of the most popular destinations for an excursion from the island of Corfu. The most known are Othoni (the largest of the islands and the westernmost part of Greece), Erikoussa (the northernmost of the Ionian islands) and Mathraki (the southernmost and smallest of all the Diapontia). A trip here will make you feel, even if only for a while, that you are in paradise.

Othoni is located 12 nautical miles north west of Drasti cape of Corfu and has beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, lush vegetation and small villages with stone houses. Erikoussa, which owes its name to the heath shrub with its sweet scent and pink flower, has olive groves and is distinguished for its beautiful beaches. The port is located in the south of the island and is called Porto, while in the west you will come across the old port, Fiki. Lastly, Mathraki, the smallest of the Diapontia is characterized by its rich, beautiful trails and beaches with crystal clear water, both in the east and west.