Gastronomy in Corfu

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One of the most delicious Corfu dishes, bourdeto, is traditionally made with haddock or cod (or any other similar fish).



Nouboulo, which many call the "Corfiot prosciutto", is one of the most delicious hams, not only only the island, but throughout the country. Produced from...


Corfu Beer

Corfu Microbrewery was established in 2006 and actively launched its first products in the market in 2009. The factory is located in Arillas, Corfu, in fully...

Old Town


The historic Rex restaurant opened its doors in 1932 on one of the most central streets in the Old Town, just behind Liston. Located on the busy Kapodistriou...


Mini Strawberries

Corfiot mini strawberries are very small in size yet fragrant and scarce. They are the cultured form of Fragaria vesca, known in Europe as fraises des bois....



In Chinese kumquat means "golden orange" and indeed, if you look closely, the shape resembles that of a small orange. According to history, the kumquat was...



Pastitsada is another famous Corfu dish which is made from meat or fish with macaroni.



A traditional restaurant of the city that honours Greek cuisine and has been in operation since 1937. A great variety of traditional cooked dishes from the...


Mandoles (Nougat)

Nougat is one of the most traditional sweets of Corfu and you really should try it before you leave the island. In essence, it is caramelised almonds with...



Sofrito is one of the most famous local dishes made from beef, plenty of garlic and parsley.


Theotoky Estate

Theotoky Estate, one of the oldest and most historic wineries on Corfu, is located in Livadi Ropa, virtually in the middle of the island. In an area of 3,000...



Fogatsa, a traditional Corfu sweet bread, is of Venetian origin.

Palia Peritheia

Palia Perithia

In the square of the preserved village of Palia Perithia, the homonymous tavern promises to offer you pleasant dining experiences based on the local, Corfiot...

Old Town

The Land of Corfu

This is the only business on the island which specialises in producing natural cosmetics from olive oil under its own name. At the company store, The Land of...



Mandolato along with nougat is considered to be one of the most traditional sweets on the island of Corfu and is also the favorite sweet of the Venetians. It...

Palia Peritheia


Ognistra family restaurant is housed in a renovated stone building with a veranda at the entrance to Palia Perithia, which is a 13th century monument as well...


Ginger Ale

Ginger ale is the trademark beverage of the island. It was first made on Corfu while the island was under British rule in 1860. It is a refreshing alcohol...



The Mavromatis family factory on the Palaiokastritsa national road specialises in goods produced from the traditional kumquat since 1965. Its annual...


Fish Bianco

Fish bianco is one the easiest recipes in Corfu cuisine and is prepared mainly with white fish (haddock, mullet, grouper etc).

Old Town

Marina's Tavern

Marina's Tavern is housed in a restored stone walled building in the picturesque Spilia neighbourhood in the Old Town on Corfu. You will be seduced by both...

Old Town

Traditional sweets at Papagiorgis Patisserie

Corfu has a wide range of local produce, much of which is particularly adored worldwide. In the category of sweets, almond based confections like mandolas...