Capodistrias Museum
Capodistrias Museum

Capodistrias Museum was founded in 1981 in the village of Evropouli and for a number of years it had a somewhat limited activity due to the complete lack of financial resources.

It is the first and only museum in Greece dedicated solely to the life, work and legacy of Count Ioannis Capodistrias. After its renovation it opened its gates again in 2017 aiming to offer visitors a virtual tour in the history of Corfu, Greece and Europe, following the footsteps of the first Governor of the modern Greek state. The museum is housed in an old rural estate that belonged to Capodistrias’ family from at least the 18th century up to a few decades ago.

A visit in the Capodistrias Museum will take you in a once in a lifetime journey to history through Ioannis Capodistrias personal effects and historic mementoes from his diplomatic and political career, as well as unique furniture and household items of his family.

The natural beauty and cool breeze of the verdant garden, the cobbled pathways and the exquisite view to the sea, the mountains of Epirus and the city of Corfu offer an additional motivation for every visitor.

Open all year round
Tuesday-Sunday: 10.00-16.00
General admission: €5, €3 (reduced)