Porto Timoni

Located in the northwest of Corfu, right next to Afionas village and very close to Agios Georgios Pagi beach, Porto Timoni is one of the most beautiful and lesser known beaches of the island.

It is basically consisted of two beaches which are separated by a narrow strand of land. The water here is crystal clear and both beaches are covered by small white pebbles. None of them is organized and therefore are ideal for a relaxed swim in a pristine island scenery.

If you are on a mood to discover the unexplored parts of the island, you should follow the trail from Afionas leading to the beach. The hike will take about 20-25 minutes and might seem a bit tiring, but the natural beauty that you will see all around you will definitely blow your mind.

You can also reach Porto Timoni by boat from Agios Georgios Pagi.