The Spathis family, known for its high quality enterprise in Kefalonia, from this year on welcomes us in a modern and elegant venue in Corfu. The Spathis Cafe Gelateria is housed in a historic building in front of the spectacular Spianada square.

The story takes us back to the beginning of the 19th century when the famous luxury hotel Saint George opened here. Indeed, in the lobby of the establishment, you can admire the richly preserved decorations on the ceiling that blends seamlessly with the rest of the contemporary design. Then, in 1928 Zissimos Papafloratos opened the famous Cafe Zitho Patisserie “Ta Olympia" which for 85 years has been a favourite haunt of every intellectual and bon viveur.

Today, in this great venue, the story continues with the Spathis Cafe Gelateria. The venue stands out for the unique way it marries modern and minimal with the traditional. But the quality that transcends all its features is the fact that whatever you sample in the store is made on-site. Visit early in the morning for breakfast, while at any time of the day this is the place to take a relaxing break. Fresh salads, different platters to accompany your ouzo as well as incredible sweets make up a captivating menu.

What will definitely turn you into a fanatic is the fresh ice cream made daily by the Spathis family. Don't forget to try the chocolate flavour Spathis, lemon and kumquat.

Remarkably, the meticulous wine list includes the Spathis family’s organic rombola wine.

Open all year round
Daily: 08.00-late
€ 3.30 (cappuccino freddo), € 6 (drinks), from € 9 (cocktails), from € 1.80 (ice cream single scoop)