Spianada (Esplanade)

The biggest square in Greece can be found on Corfu. The Esplanade is the first thing you see as you approach the Old Town, and very possibly the last, if you use the adjacent car park (northern part of the square).

The Esplande overlooks the heart of the Old Town, a stone's throw from Liston, and is surrounded by beautiful historic buildings. The name (in Greek, Spianada) came from the Italian word, spianare, meaning flatten and is connected with the Venetians' decision to demolish the surrounding houses in 1576 to improve the island's defenses.

The French also left their mark over the years. Today, the square is divided into Upper and Lower and all the commercial and social activity on the island concentrates here. This is where the pulse of the center beats, and from morning until late at night it is a lively meeting point.