Papagiorgis Patisserie
Papagiorgis Patisserie
Papagiorgis Patisserie
Papagiorgis Patisserie
Papagiorgis Patisserie

As soon as you reach Corfu and ask where to go for ice cream or sweets, everyone is guaranteed to give you the same answer: Papagiorgis. A landmark for the entire island, the historical patisserie has been in operation for around 94 years and is located in the centre of the Old Town, on the busy road of Nikiforou Theotoki.

Its story begins in 1924, and since then it works ceaselessly and has been passed on from generation to generation. Giorgos Dafnis along with his brother Grigoris and their cousinGiorgos continue the excellent work of their predecessors and make happy all of us who love sweets from Corfu and beyond.

In Papagiorgis you can try the best ice cream on the island. Handmade by the store with milk from Corfu, its taste will be unforgettable to any palate. If you're lucky - due to seasonality - don't miss the opportunity to try the ice cream in Corfu's wild strawberry flavour.

In addition to ice cream however, this particular patisserie is famous for its desserts with their wild strawberry jam-topped millefeuille stealing the show, for their cakes (supplied for any type of event) and for its local products made by the same family. Kumquat in various forms, mandolas and nougat and a wide range of traditional products are on the shelves to offer you flavours of the island.

What very few know is that here you will find handmade mustard chutney with quince, made with the same recipe that faithfully passes on from generation to generation. 

Open all year round
Daily: 08.00-01.00
€1.70 (ice cream scoop)
American Express, MasterCard, Visa