Admittance to Mount Athos

Admittance to Mount Athos

To enter the monastic community of Mount Athos (Holy Mountain), you must follow a strict procedure. First of all, you need to contact the Pilgrim Bureau of Mount Athos in Thessaloniki (tel. +30 2310 252575) to declare your desirable date of entry and submit your personal details, in order to obtain a visitation permit (diamoneteterion).

Subsequently, you must contact the Holy Monastery of your preference to book your stay, as well as with the ferry boat company (tel. +30 23770 71149) to reserve a ticket. This procedure cannot be circumvented, as the maximum number of visitors allowed into Mount Athos is 110 persons (100 Greek citizens, 10 foreign citizens).

In the morning prior to your departure, you will pick up your diamoneteterion (by presenting your ID or passport and by paying a fee of €25) from the Pilgrim Bureau of Mount Athos in Ouranoupoli and your ticket from the ferry boat company. The ferry from Ouranoupoli departs at 09:45 and arrival at your destination is estimated at 12:00.

Transport within the Holy Mountain is on foot. Alternatively, you may embark on the mini vans of the Transport Bureau of Mount Athos (tel. +30 23770 23266) at Karyes.