National Holidays

National Holidays

Here is a list of the national holidays in Greece, when almost everything is closed.

New Year’s Day (January, 1st)

Epiphany (January, 6th)

Ash Monday (February/March)

War of Independence National Holiday (March, 25th)

Holy Friday (March/April)

Holy Saturday (March/April)

Easter (March/April)

Easter Monday (March/April)

Labour Day (May, 1st)

Monday of the Holy Spirit (7 weeks after Easter) *

Dormition of the Virgin (August, 15th) *

Ohi (No) Anniversary (October, 28th)

Polytechnic School Uprising (November, 17th) *

Christmas (December, 25th)

Synaxis of the Virgin Mary (December, 26th)

* During Monday of the Holy Spirit, Dormition of the Virgin Mary and Polytechnic School Uprising holidays most shops remain open.