Amphitheatrically built on a hillside at the northern coast of the Sithonia peninsula, Pyrgadikia is a picture-postcard fishing village, where all of its houses have views on the scenic harbour of the village and the Singitic Gulf.

Its setting with the multi-coloured buildings and the turquoise, crystal clear sea will definitely remind you of a Greek island. Linking Sithonia with the Athos peninsula, it provides an array of options for a refreshing stop during the day in one of its seashores, as well as interesting culinary suggestions with fresh fish in the forefront.

In the heart of the village lies the church of Panagia Kastrella (Virgin Mary of the Castle), which hosts the holy ikon that was transferred there by Greek refugees from Asia Minor. According to tradition, the Turks threw the ikon into the sea, but after some time some local people found it in a castle (hence the name). Each year on 8 September, a feast in honour of Panagia Kastrella takes place in the centre of the village.