Stageira, the birthplace of the great Greek philosopher Aristotle, is a mountainous village within 8 kilometres from the seaside on the main road of Thessaloniki-Ouranoupoli. Built at the foot of the Stratonic Mountain, at 500 metres above sea level, it is also the birthplace of the Greek scholar Dimitrios Stageiritis, who played a key role in the 1821 Greek War of Independence.

On entering the village, your attention will be drawn by the grove of Aristotle with an imposing statue of the great philosopher, as well as by the Siderokafsia complex, dating back to the early years of the Ottoman Domination and created for mining and metal processing purposes.

Another remarkable sight is the church Gennisis tis Theotokou, constructed in 1814 and being of special architectural interest, since it is one of the few cruciform churches in Greece. Locals will suggest a visit to Panagouda, also known as Spiliotissa, the old church in the upper part of the village that was built in a rock in 1903. Each year on 8 September the big feast of the village takes place there.