Trip to Thessaloniki

If you are in Halkidiki, a daily trip to Thessaloniki, the beautiful Nymph of Thermaikos, is absolutely a must. The regular KTEL public bus service (in case you don't have your own vehicle) will transport you to a vibrant city, which celebrates the present and respectfully honours its past.

Thessaloniki is a living museum in some of its neighbourhoods; it is surrounded by a Byzantine wall and it boasts numerous Byzantine churches that are true architectural gems, monuments of the past, as well as pedestrianised shopping areas hosting top fashion designers, a cuisine appealing to food connoisseurs, and a notorious nightlife!

A stroll by the (old and new) seaside, a cup of coffee downtown, Aristotelous square that has inspired several songwriters and poets, the famous district of Ladadika, its warm people, its beautiful women and many more draw up a long list, which proves that this city has a certain je ne sais quoi, making it unforgettable and captivating for the visitor.