Agios Titos
Agios Titos
Agios Titos

In the heart of Heraklion, on 25th August pedestrian street, going towards Koules, on your right hand side, you will come across Agios Titos Square, which is named after the impressive church located there.

The church of Agios Titos -originally built in 961 after the Arabs were driven away by Nikiforos Fokas- is one of the most important monuments in Heraklion city and it was created in order to rekindle the Christian faith after the Arabic occupation.

The church is dedicated to Apostle Paul's disciple, who later became the first archbishop of Crete. The fist church church was located in the old capital, Gortyn.

The skull of St. Titos, and the holy icon of Panagia Mesopantitissa along with some other relics, were transferred to Venice after the Turks took over the island, and they are still there today apart form the skull of the saint that was returned to the church.

During the Ottoman rule, the church was turned to a mosque, the famous Vezir Mosque, after it was ceded to vezyr Fazil Ahmet Kioprouli. After the earthquake in 1856 it was destroyed and rebuilt the way it is today, by the architect Athanasios Mousis, once more as a mosque.