Pierra Creta Ski Mountaineering Race (March)

Pierra Creta is the first ski mountaineering race in the Cretan mountains. It will take place on 16th March in Psiloritis, at Lakkos Mygerou in Livadia, and it aims at making an impression on those taking part, not just with the white scenery but also with the hospitality of the locals.

Pierra Creta will include a race with individual participants as well as short, surprise team events, that will take place after the first race is completed. There will be two categories in the main race with similar routes but at different altitudes.

*The organisers of the race in an attempt to lower the total cost for the athletes, along with the support of the Municipalities and villages in the area, recommend some accommodation options for the participants which you can find at the Pierra Creta official webpage.

€25/person (participation, and meal at opening and closing ceremonies included)