Welcome to Heraklion

Welcome to Heraklion

The biggest city in Crete, as well as the financial, commercial and scientific centre of the island, Heraklion is located in the centre of the north coast of the island at a very strategic spot in the southeast Mediterranean, connecting three continents and civilizations.

With large-scale tourism development and providing high-standard services to visitors, Heraklion is a place that offers everything to the maximum. There are many options to suit all tastes that combine modern and traditional elements in a way that makes it an attractive destination for any time of the year.

There are significant historic and cultural monuments that make Heraklion even more beautiful and vivid, a pleasant surprise to all visitors. The central Lions Square, the Loggia, the 25th August pedestrian street, Agiou Titou Square and Agios Titos church, the Koules Fortress with the picturesque port, the Archaeological Museum, the Natural History Museum, The Historical Museum of Crete, the Museum of Visual Arts, the Agios Markos Basilica, Agios Minas Church, the Venetian wall etc., are some of the many city sights that are points of reference.

Outside the city you will come across the most important centre of Minoan civilization, the famous Knossos, the archaeological site of Faistos, Nikos Kazantzakis Museum, Zarou lake, Agiofaraggo and many other sights worth visiting.  

During your stay in Heraklion don't forget to try some of the traditional local cuisine dishes at one of the tavernas or restaurants. As far as nightlife is concerned, Heraklion will meet all your expectations.  

You can go to Heraklion by boat from Piraeus, or by plane from Athens or Thessaloniki. Below you will find useful information regarding your trip to the Heraklion Prefecture (and to the rest of Greece), about the currency, weather, useful telephone numbers, etc.